The St George’s Restoration Appeal was launched in March 2013 when surveys and estimates were presented to the PCC and the project was sanctioned.

The project focuses on two area of work:

Exterior stonework

Over the years the lime mortar has eroded, allowing water to enter the joints and damage the stone.  Further damage was caused by mid-20th century repairs with hard cement mortar.

Many of the window surrounds are in urgent need of attention to prevent damage to the glass.

The two Norman door arches which were incorporated into the newly built church in the 1880s have sustained significant damage due to weathering over the last 900 years so work to prevent further deterioration has to be carried out.

The initial report indicates a cost of approximately £25,000.

Tower and bells

The four bells were cast at the Clark and Bushell foundry in Evesham in 1707. They are listed as being worthy of preservation by the Church Buildings Council.  We believe they are the last complete peal of bells from the foundry that has not been altered in any way since they were cast.

The bells were last inspected in 1947, when £126 was quoted to restore them.  The then incumbent decided that this was too much to consider raising and no work was done.

Today, in order to rehang and possibly augment the peel to five bells, to install rope guides, to carry our repairs to the ceiling of the ringing chamber and to create safe access, the sum required is in the region of £45,000!


The PCC feels that it is important to carry out both pieces of work – to preserve the fabric of the church and to maintain the bells so that they can be rung regularly.

Bids are being submitted to grant making and funding bodies but we will also be looking for donations in kind once the work is underway – anyone who has skills and time to offer will be very welcome!

If you would like to know more please contact Krys Pietrecki at: