The Peyto Family

The Peyto family came to England from Gascony in the late 13th century and settled in the Stratford upon avon area.  Sir John Peyto a Warwickshire MP of 1330 who through his activities as a lawyer advanced the family and both his sons John and William had followed his profession.

John his eldest son married Eleanor Loges who when her father died in 1349 inherited property, part of her inheritance included Chesterton.  It was with Eleanor that John joined the Holy Trinity guild at Coventry.

There are fine busts of the Peyto family in the Church and a fine tomb chest to Humphrey Peyto of 1585 and his wife Anna.

John, however began his career as a soldier in 1359 he joined the retinue of Earl Ralph of Stafford to go overseas there winning his spurs.  By 1382 Peyto was accounted one of the knights retained by John of Gaunt.  John Peyto led an illustrious life in various positions holding responsibilities.

The lives of John and William can be researched on History of Parliament.

The Peyto family built a mansion at the back of the church with laid out gardens including fish ponds.  Apparently there have been a couple of mansions built over the centuries the last one being demolished in 1802 and the fish ponds are now overgrown.

There is a fine gateway at the back of the church said to be designed by Inigo Jones and was used by the Peyto family to access the church from the mansion.  The gateway was restored by English Heritage in 1991.

Margaret Peyto the last of the Peyto family died in 1772 and left her estate to her cousin John Verney of nearby Compton Verney.

The Verneys are still the Patrons of Chesterton Church through Lord Willoughby de Broke the 21st Baron.