Chesterton St Giles

ChestertonChurchExteriorSt Giles’ Church is remotely situated on a rise away from the village of Chesterton overlooking a lake and having views of surrounding farm lands.  Sheep and cattle freely roam the area,  About 140 people live in Chesterton and Kingston village but are scattered over approximately four square miles.  The village is mentioned in the Domesday Book.  There have been discoveries of Roman occupation in the area.

Chesterton door exterior


The Churchyard is entered through an oak double gateway and up a stone pathway to the Church door. The whole visual effect of St Giles’ is one of peace and tranquility that draw the visitors plus the history of the Church.


Chesterton Main window


Two Eucharist services are held a month 8.30am and 10.30am.  Depending on the season, we can expect eight or so at the early service and perhaps as many as twenty at the later one.  The Church does not have water laid on or electricity to heat the building, we could most probably have more congregates if the Church was warm.  On special services such Harvest Festival and Christmas Carol Service up to a 100 people attend.


Ghesterton interior


The congregation has a high proportion of the elderly, but one or two younger members also attend.  There is no Sunday School.  The Church is left open daily from about 9.30am until about 6pm in the summer, being locked at 4pm in the winter.  There are no other community facilities in the hamlet.


Should you wish to visit the postal code is CV33 9LG.

Chesterton looking out